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Character Education

We teach more than academics. Our Commit to Character program nurtures universal character traits that transcend racial, religious, socio-economic and cultural lines.

Our entire school works together to create a community that is welcoming and inclusive. The 10 character traits below are modeled, taught, expected, celebrated and practiced in our everyday actions.

​As part of our Board'​s Character Education Initiative we will be recognizing, encouraging and reinforcing the character attributes of good citizens. The 10 attributes identified by the Board include: Respect, Responsibility, Empathy, Inclusiveness, Cooperation, Caring, Honesty, Integrity, Courage and Optimism.  We look forward to your input and support as we continue this Character Education initiative. Each trait will be introduced in our monthly assemblies and then in the following assembly ​students exhibiting this trait or any other character traits will receive a Commit To Character certificate. We encourage you to review the Character Traits and their meaning with your child(ren).​


Character Recognition Assemblies

Assemblies start at 9:30 a.m. in our gym.  Parents/Guardians are more than welcome to attend and celebrate their child(ren​)'s successes and support our community through Character Education.

​These assemblies also highlight many of the wonderful events, clubs, teams, etc. and include a student prepared slideshow of happenings at New Lowell Central!

Character TraitMonth​Assembly Date
CaringSeptember​Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Caring - We show kindness towards each other.

Cooperation - We work together towards shared goals and purposes.

Courage - We do the right thing even when it's difficult.

Empathy - We strive to understand and appreciate the feelings and actions of others.

Honesty - We behave in a sincere, trustworthy and truthful manner.

Inclusiveness - We include everyone in what we do and value their unique contributions.

Integrity - We act justly and honourably in all that we do.

Optimism - We maintain a positive attitude and have hope for the future.

Respect - We treat ourselves, others and the environment with consideration and dignity.

​Responsibility - We are accountable for our actions and we follow through on our commitments.