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Staff and Classes

​​At New Lowell Central we have a dedicated team of professionals committed to a safe, healthy, active, and exciting learning environment.  Our classrooms are places of laughter and learning for all students.  We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students' interests in mind.

Open communication between home and school is encouraged.  You may contact the school at 705-424-0991.  Please note incoming phone calls to teaching staff during instructional periods will be taken as a message by office staff or directed to the teacher's voice mailbox.


Principal​Ms. A. Cook
​Secretary​Mrs. M. Hockey


Custodial Staff​
​Chief Custodian​Mrs. S. McQuay
​Custodian​Mr. M. Atwell


Educational Assistants
​Mrs. A. Spears
Ms. A. Davis

​Mrs. B. Stableforth

 Mrs. T. Pilon


Mrs. T-L. Haufe / Mrs. S. Modrits



​Mrs. L. Kennedy & Mrs. H. Wiederer / 

Mrs. M. Cox

Mrs. E. Brady / Mrs. C. Barber

​Grade 1

​​Mrs. Czerny

​Grade 1/2​​Mr. G. Daniels
​Grade 2 Mrs. K. Haidner
​Grade 3Mr. K. Leal
​Grade 3/4​Mrs. S. Kimberley 
​Grade 4/5​Mrs. K. Davies
Grade 5/6​Mr. D. Battaglia
Grade 7​Mr. B. McCann
​Grade 7/8Ms. N. Wismayer
French​Mme. J. Crowston
Planning Time​​Mrs. H. Wiederer
Library​Ms. G. Hartley
​SERT​/LC​Mrs. K. Young
SERTMrs. L. Kennedy